Why Choose Titus N. Winger Contracting, Inc

Starting at the age of 12, Titus Winger set out as a farm hand preforming many tasks. From clearing trees, picking rocks, hand pumping wells, and bailing hay, Titus became accustomed to hard work. For the next few years, he put his hand to sheet rocking, road construction, landscaping, and many other tasks in the building trades. At 19, Titus became a Roofingroofer and Titus N. Winger Contracting, Inc. was born.

With that dedication and determination, Titus Winger is actively involved in every job, whether he sold it or not, to make sure the product is installed right. “We are here for years to come, and I strive to give the best quality to our clients, period”.

Titus Winger is a local Contractor, and has carefully built his reputation by word-of-mouth referrals. This has been done by providing superior services, products, and workmanship to those who wish to partner with him. Most importantly, his strong ties to the community means he must uphold the highest standards of excellence in order to maintain his reputation.

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